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20th Feb 2007, 04:00 pm
In AutoCAD 2008, you can create AutoCAD table cells that link to an Excel spreadsheet. One easy way to do so is to copy the data from Excel and then, using Paste Special, paste the data into the drawing as a link. AutoCAD automatically creates a data link between the drawing and the Excel spreadsheet.
http://heidihewett.blogs.com/photos/uncategorized/tabledata01_1.jpg (http://heidihewett.blogs.com/photos/uncategorized/tabledata01_1.jpg)
Using data links, you can display the tabular data from your spreadsheets (or CSV files) within an AutoCAD table object, while maintaining a link to the original Excel data. If changes are made to the data in the external file, AutoCAD notifies you of changes and enables you to quickly update the AutoCAD table to reflect the changes.
http://heidihewett.blogs.com/photos/uncategorized/tabledata02.jpg (http://heidihewett.blogs.com/photos/uncategorized/tabledata02.jpg)
You can create new data links by selecting an Excel or Comma delimited file, even if Excel isn’t installed on the system. Your drawing can include any number of data links all of which are listed in the Data Link Manager. If you copy and paste the data from Excel, AutoCAD provides a generic name. However, you can rename it to something more meaningful.
When creating or editing a datalink, you can specify whether you want to link the whole sheet or a specific range of cells. An expandable dialog box enables you to customize the data link settings. For example, you can specify whether or not you want data types to be converted to text, or if you want to allow the cell contents from the AutoCAD table to be written back to the source file.
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The linked cells in the AutoCAD table are locked to prevent editing from within AutoCAD and the range of linked cells is indicated by green corner brackets. The linked and/or locked status of each cell is indicated by the linked and locked icons as well as by information in the tool tip. Although linked data cells are initially locked, you can unlock selected cells, enabling you to edit the contents. If the datalink option to allow writing to source file has been enabled, you can easily write the changes you make in the AutoCAD table back to the source data file.
http://heidihewett.blogs.com/my_weblog/images/tabledata04.jpg (http://heidihewett.blogs.com/.shared/image.html?/photos/uncategorized/tabledata04.jpg)
View Animation (http://download.autodesk.com/us/AutoCAD_2008_Demonstration_Videos/Media/fd5c6bde-0ce7-4da2-b805-4bbd585bf1dd/Video/17_Data_Linking.wmv)

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