View Full Version : Autocad 2008 3d export

25th Mar 2007, 01:32 pm
Does Autocad 2008 have facilities to export to Cinema 4D? And how appropriate is 2008 for 3D exporting? I've heard that this features was taken away in 2006

25th Mar 2007, 10:11 pm
3DS export was removed from 2007. A real pain.

I'm not sure what import options Cinema 4D has.

26th Mar 2007, 01:42 pm
C4D will import 3ds files however cad no longer (unless 2008 has changed) allows exporting of 3ds files, i have messed around with importing dxf files but they do not import correctly as solid objects it seems it only picks up the items as raster vectors and converts them into spline objects in C4D, the ONLY viable option i have for importing to C4D thus far is Autocad 2006 where you can still Export 3DS file, even this has problems with the mesh being messed up sometimes and polyfaces being triangulated into many many faces, but for the most part it works, im sure the guys of the C4cafe would have had an answer if one existed there are some very knowledable people over there but thus far even they have no other way of import Autocad into C4D.