View Full Version : Squared and Cubed symbol...

27th Mar 2007, 12:52 pm
Hey whats up people,
I have been running around searching high and low for the answer to this... I have tried the ALT+0179 keystroke, a couple %%?, etc...

What do I need to type and what type of text (mtext, dtext, attribute editor)?

what is everyones ideas? I want to know this so bad...

thanks a ton


27th Mar 2007, 12:57 pm
Within the MTEXT editor, you can right-click and go to Symbol and it should be on the list. i'm running AutoCAD 2007 and mine show as \U+00B2 & \U+00B3.

27th Mar 2007, 01:11 pm
Hopefully you will find the below somewhat useful: