View Full Version : Went to the AutoDesk Convention today in Dallas....

11th Apr 2007, 01:03 am
and it was pretty damn cool. Lots of good, new features coming out. the BIM section was pretty awesome, and so was AutoCAD Architcture 2008 (formally known as ADT). Anyways, probably the coolest thing there was a new, free service that's launching tomorrow, called Free Wheel. You can find it here: http://freewheel.autodesk.com/

it's the newest way you can share you 3D/2D DWF files. it's done all through the browser. no 3rd party software needed, you all should go give it a shot. we all here can actually use it for personal use to upload our files as well just to share among us, it comes complete with a full viewer and you can fully orbit around the object. pretty neat. 8)

just thought i'd share it with you all, i bet some of you would like this feature.

11th Apr 2007, 03:29 am
Freewheel has been out for a few months - they are just promoting it as "new" again because of the lack of initial interest.

IMO - it's safer to just have your DWF recipient download the viewer (or just send them a PDF). If you upload a DWF, who knows who has access to it, not to mention that nobody can view it if the "freewheel" server is down for some reason.