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9th May 2007, 02:54 pm
I have used winTopo(www.wintopo.com (http://www.wintopo.com)) to convert a scanned image to a cad file and i have many colors that represent the different line types on the drawing. if there is a way to layer the drawing by color it would make my job 100x easier. all the data is on layer 1 but different colors. i am using AutoCAD LT 2004. Thanks soo much.


9th May 2007, 03:22 pm
has LT got QSELECT? If so set up your destination layers (but keep colour white for now) and get up the properties box. Using QSELECT make a selection of all objects with a color=? Now use the property box to change their layer to your new destination. If you change their colour to "by layer" you will see which have been selected so far. When you have finished you can give each layer the colour you desire.

9th May 2007, 05:49 pm
Filter will also work. And is quite easy.

Type FILTER, the dialog opens.
Delete any filters already in the top box with the delete button, but there will probably be none the first time you use it.

From the "Select Filter" drop down menu, select "Color". Then click the Select... button.
Choose the color you want to filter (that is, select in your document). Once you've chosen a color, click the "Add to List" button. You will now have one color filter in the top box.

Next click the Apply button, and it will switch back to your drawing. It is waiting for you to make a selection, so make a selection box around the ENTIRE area where you want to select by this color, the entire drawing if you like, then press space bar. You will now be left with a selection of all items filtered by that color. While they are selected, switch them to your other layer.
Of course, you'll have to create your layers first.

This only works if the particular entities of your drawing actually have a color set. And in filter you have to select that exact color. If the color is ByLayer or ByBlock, filter won't select it, even if it's the right color.

Hope that helps.

9th May 2007, 06:11 pm
just for info...both qselect and filter commands are available in LT...

9th May 2007, 06:31 pm
Does exactly what i want it to do! Thanks so much guys, just made my job soo much easier.