View Full Version : Transfer Ortho Elevation data to Plan views

8th Nov 2007, 01:19 pm

Firstly, I'm referring to building plans here

In simple terms (if possible:)) how is orthographic elevation data (ie. front, side, rear views) transfered to plan views in Autocad. (ie. what's the general method?)

I have elevation views of the outside of my house (proposed building extension)

What is the usual method for transferring this information to a plan layout. I'm specifically referring to the room layout in roof space.
This is mainly for an extension of sloped roofspace and I need to plot the layout of the rooms within.

I'm able to create a 'top' view (ie in theroy, looking straight down on the roof, as if from outside; where the slopes lie and locations of gullies and hips, but I'm having trouble working out the internal layout.

I'm sorry if this isn't particularly clear:oops: Can anyone decipher what I'm on about??

8th Nov 2007, 01:30 pm
Maybe this thread will help...