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18th Jan 2008, 01:15 pm
hey everybody,

I´ve been searching the forum and other sites about lisps.
I´ve always heard about how they can be a powerful tool, but i never really needed them up until now.

I haven´t found though, a step by step tutorial for beginners
I´don´t have any background in programming, and the most i´ve done in the area is setting my alarm clock!

Can anybody help me out,

Great thanks,
lisp dummy

18th Jan 2008, 01:22 pm
Try here:

18th Jan 2008, 01:37 pm
A good reference book would be:

AutoLISP Programming: Principles and Techniques by Rod Rawls and Mark Hagen (1996). Paperback edition available via Amazon.com for roughly $35 (U.S.).

18th Jan 2008, 02:54 pm
The AutoLisp tutorial that's included in the Help Files for Autocad is a fairly good starting point.

It seems like most people skip over the included help files of which there are a ton.

18th Jan 2008, 03:32 pm
thanks for the advice, i´ll get right on it