View Full Version : I cant remove dim lines from side view

11th Feb 2008, 06:44 am
I cant remove dim lines from side view in layout mode
when i delete it from one view it takes it from the others also.
how can i delete on dim on one view but still apper in others ???
i tried selec the dim and do explose but it didnt work

Thank you

Alan Cullen
11th Feb 2008, 06:55 am
There are a couple of ways to do this. The first (although a bit late for you) is to do you dimensions on top of your viewports.

Check this FAQ for further information on this:

The other way for you for now is to change the layer of that dim to a new layer, then activate that viewport you don't want that dim in, then go to Layer Properties Manager and freeze that layer in VP Freeze.