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Leroy Jenkins
9th Jul 2008, 11:36 am
I'm having trouble getting a machining symbol in text in AutoCAD. I'm using the 2006 version with no additions. I found this thread http://www.cadtutor.net/forum/showthread.php?t=11738 and put the amgdt.shx file in my fonts, but nothing I've tried can get this font to show up in CAD. Can anyone help?

9th Jul 2008, 11:50 am
Which font folder did you put the file in? It should be the same one shown in your Support File Search Path listed under Tools > Options > Files.

Leroy Jenkins
9th Jul 2008, 02:16 pm
Nevermind... I fixed it. I had to create a new text style with that specific font.

I put the file in the "fonts" folder in C:\Program Files\AutoCAD 2005\Fonts.

Thanks though.

9th Jul 2008, 02:23 pm
It's always the simple things we tend to forget. I've done the same thing.