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17th Apr 2005, 02:53 pm
I want to render my own bitmap onto a solid (not the background).

Tried went through all the Dialogue Boxes from the Render Toolbar; "setuv" etc. There is no question anywhere to ask me where to find my image file nor to let me pick my pasted image from the drawing.

"Find Image File" box is there but only meant for the background, therefore my image will as the result in the Render Window, lies at the background but not on the solid.

Please tell me what step I have missed. Appreciated.

David Bethel
17th Apr 2005, 04:07 pm
You can add a bitmap to a material in ACAD. I don't know if it will allow you to place a decal on an object. Some rendering tools will.

To add the bitmap to the material, use the RMAT command. Create a new material.


17th Apr 2005, 07:58 pm
See the Creating Custom Bitmap Materials (http://www.cadtutor.net/acad/acad2ki/bitmat/bitmat.html) tutorial for full details.

17th Apr 2005, 10:07 pm
Hi Thank you guys.
I followed David's, added my "material" in the library and I made it. Thanks.
And thanks to CADTutor, I shall study the Tuitorial, but it looks rather scarely to me - may be it will take me a long time to practice.

17th Apr 2005, 10:31 pm
It only looks scary because its new, jump in, the waters fine. :D

rendering rocks [ i think i said that before somewhere... :? ] when you get the hang of mapping materials,lighting,etc.

Autocad has a very good rendering engine, and many underestimate the quality of images it can produce. i used it as a renderer for many years untill the company bought a couple more licences of Viz.