View Full Version : REFEDIT - when add an attribute, it disappears once I save!

13th Sep 2005, 03:09 am
Hi Everyone,

I have a block with many attributes and want to add another attribute.

So, I REFEDIT the block, create an attribute, add it to the block (and when I do it says it's already part of the working set, which is normal I think), and I save changes.

The Problem: once I save...it disappears!

When I try to add a text box, a circle, etc, to the block, no problem, it doesn't disappear.

Any ideas?

THanks for your help...
Win XP, Autocad 2004

13th Sep 2005, 03:45 am
8) Check that you are not giving the new attribute tha same tagname as an existing attribute

Kate M
13th Sep 2005, 06:37 pm
You must ATTSYNC after making REFEDIT changes to block attributes.

13th Sep 2005, 08:53 pm
Thank you both, ATTSYNC was the answer!