View Full Version : Drawing an airfoil

2nd Nov 2005, 04:42 pm
I want to draw an airfoil for a wing design. Airfoils come is standard shapes by the NACA. The airfoil I want to draw is a NACA 4412. The way the wings are designed is they have a mean line which has an equation based on the chord length or width of the wing and then above and below that mean line there is a thickness distribution also goverened by an equation. This website explains it in more detail: http://www.ae.su.oz.au/aero/naca45/naca45.html

Is it going to be possible to use these equations in AutoCAD 2002 to make the shape?

2nd Nov 2005, 04:52 pm
Do a yahoo search on "drawing airfoils in autocad". I found several site with information. One even talked about making a script file from the point data.