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28th Jul 2010, 08:45 am

I am fairly new to dynamic blocks and am trying to create a block for brick headers in elevation.

I have worked out how to set the length of the brick header to suit the length of the window and also the height as a variable to suit brick multiples.

The thing I am having the problem with is the spacing between the brick headers. As I have set this as an array I believe I can only set one distance to it which I have set as 75mm (to suit brick depths). This is fine when the length of the window is a multiple of 75mm ie 600mm. However when you have a window width of 630mm for example you get brick heads spaced at 75mm and then have a little slither left over at the end of 30mm.

Is there any way I can have a block where I can either set the array distance as a variable that I can input - ie on a 630mm window at 78.75mm so that the brick headers are spaced evenly OR where the brick headers are spaced equally to a certain number of divisions which can be input i.e on a 630mm window I would have 8 vertical brick lines divided equally.

I hope this makes sense and that there is someone out there who can help me!!

I have attached block as it currently stands.



28th Jul 2010, 09:15 am
sorry, forgot to add im using autocad 2011.

28th Jul 2010, 09:26 am
I have not found a way of doing this in 2008 but you have constraints in 2011 so there may be some assitance there.

I would suggest that you change your distance parameters to only have one grip though. There is no need for the grips in the BL conrner (that I can see). Select the parameter and then go to the properties palette to change th number of grips.

Also, if you move the whole object to #0,0 you don't need the point object.

Dana W
28th Jul 2010, 01:14 pm
I would not worry about the leftover sliver. In real life you will NEVER see a mason split a brick lengthwise. The mason will build the header to include the next whole brick on EACH side of the window as measured from the center out. Back in paper days, we would only show a couple of bricks at each end of the soldier row and let the mason figure out how to to it. He would ignore us anyway.:D

The header needs to extend beyond the opening anyway.