View Full Version : Accidentally dimensioning in defpoint layer

5th Mar 2006, 04:37 am
Hi Everyone,

I'm in the middle of dimensioning a working drawing not knowing that I am in the defpoint layer. Is there an easier way to detect and change to a different layer instead of clicking one by one to determine what layer it was created.


5th Mar 2006, 05:19 am
I don't know what version of acad you are running, but try typing LAYWALK at the c-prompt. It is an express tool that will activate a layer manager type of dialog box that allows you to step thru your layers by clicking on the name. All other layers in the drawing will freeze and only the one you selected will be visible.

I'm not sure what version it first showed up in.

5th Mar 2006, 02:25 pm
Why don' t you just move your dimensions to the correct layer?