View Full Version : Plot not to the size of the paper

8th Mar 2006, 04:05 pm
I am trying to plot a object with detail in the center. Now I need the image to be printed large on the 8.5 X 11 " paper to see the detail. Scale does not matter here.

I set the plot manager to assign a printer (sorry plotter) and go to preview plot but the image is small on the paper leaving lots of room. I zoomed in on the image, on the model screen, to enlarge the plotted object, but now half the image is cut off still leaving lots of room on the printed page.

How do I fix this?

I am using autocad 2006

8th Mar 2006, 04:10 pm
When you go into the plot command choose a window around the object/detail that you want to plot and then select 8.5x11 for the paper size and make sure that scale to fit is checked. Then just click ok to plot it.
That's about all there is to it.

8th Mar 2006, 04:35 pm
AHHHHHH... thanks! sometimes you feel like a nut