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1st Apr 2006, 02:17 am
Well hello,

I am trying to draw a chair. I am having problems ( have no clue how to do :shock: ) with the back part of the chair you would lean against.

Heres a pic to see what im talking about. http://www.chairimports.com/777P.jpg

How do you make the back of the chair bend a little bit? (i mean the contour of your back part and on the sides of the chair too... like th epic.)

I am using autocad 2006 standard. I am fairly good at using it. I can make things using the revolve extrude polyline edits 3d arrays and what not. I just have no clue how to make the chair curve backwords a little bit, i can just make it like revolve so it makes a part of a circle, which to much of an arc..

I need two chairs to compement my table/chessboard set :) I made this so it ought to give you an idea how good or bad i am :p ( i know the horse is a bit messed....)

Thanks :)

1st Apr 2006, 01:41 pm
It looks to me like the back of the chair is just an arc. To create the same effect in 3D I would draw a narrow, tall rectangle and extrude it along the "path" of the arc. You can use the "slice" command to get the tapered look at each end or you can extrude it just enough so the back of the chair protrudes a "wee bit" into the sides; then use the "union" command to connect it all up. Punch out the horizontal slots with the appropriately shaped wedge and there you have it. Did I miss anything?

1st Apr 2006, 03:02 pm
Nope, i got it last night after looking through the sammands for like an hour, never notice the extrude along a path :?

Thanks :)