View Full Version : extruding a pitched roof shape

15th May 2006, 05:40 pm
I need to extrude a pitched roof.

Now back in ACAD 12 you could take a polyline of any shape, and extruded it, gaving it any height (as long as if was higher than your roof apex) and an extrude angle. Acad 12 would work out where your sides were colliding and stop it there. :D
Now with the newer versions it will give you a collision warning and not do it. Also if you give it a height lower than your apex it handles interior angles very strangely (fillets instead of chamfers them). :x

Now I can either do my roof the long way round (ie section by section).
Or I have to install ACAD 12 (and Virtual PC to get it working in XP) and convert my poly line from ACAD 2006 to ACAD 2000 to ACAD 12. :glare:

Ohh forgot to mention that the end result must be a solid (to allow subracting, unioning ....).

Anyone know of a way of doing this? Any lisp routines etc.


15th May 2006, 08:51 pm
looking at the complexity of the angles, doing it the "long" way would be best. it wouldnt be that long anyway, it looks like its just 3 sections that can be unioned.

16th May 2006, 08:35 am
yeah doing at that way wont take much longer but what happens when dealing with a much more complex roof
it would be alot easier if there was an extrude command/routine that worked the way the old extrude worked