View Full Version : Batch Plotting Direct to the Plotter?

22nd Aug 2006, 05:00 pm
Hi All,

Please help this is driving me and my collegues mad we used to have autocad 200 where you could check a box in the plot screen and print the multiple layouts direct to the plotter.

We've been upgrade to autocad 2005 lt and tried to use the publish option as the little check box has disapeared god knows why??? The publish dialog box allows us create .dwf's and from that we can print all layouts to the plotter. Is there anyway of printing multiple layouts all contained within the same file directly to our plotter and skipping the dwf stage as this seems to take an age to do???


22nd Aug 2006, 05:46 pm
when ive used publish i usually name one of the page setups in one of the drawings 1st. (just in file-plot). then i make that the page setup setting (in publish) for all the sheets/layouts. then just publish to 'plotter named in page setup'

22nd Aug 2006, 07:49 pm
Please bare with me but how do i create the page setup so that it appears on in the publish dialog box as when i try to select a page setup in the drop down list i don't have an option for this! it only lets me select the dwf format.

Sure its just me missing something completely obvious but i would appreciate it if someone could walk me through it!

I ask what was wrong with the check box that was in 200! I don't know.

Thanks for all the help!

23rd Aug 2006, 09:00 am
Right i've now figured out how to create the page setup and have it appear in the page setup drop down list ion the pulish dialog box.

Althoug when i press the publish button it still creates the dwf rather than taking the page setup properties and plotting direct to the printer any help will be much appreciated.