View Full Version : What is the best to draw an arc in isometric view?

14th Nov 2003, 03:08 am
Anyone have a best and easy way to draw an arc in isometric view. Please give me a hint at least.
Thanks :oops: :oops:

14th Nov 2003, 03:51 pm
One way to draw the arc correctly at the right angle would be to use the isocircle option of the ellipse command and then trim at the quadrants. For example: Make your view top or world. Right click "grid" below the command line and pick the "isometric snap" radio button. Your crosshairs should now be at "angles" for lack of a better word. Now hit "F5" to toggle between the isoplane top, isoplane left, and isoplane right views. Toggle whichever view your circle needs to be on, such as the right side.
Now start the ellipse command, right-click and choose isocircle and follow the command lines. You will not be able to trim at the quadrants of the isocircle by drawing a line and using the "quadrant" osnap. You will need to use the "xline" command. Xline > angle > 30 or -30 > snap to center of circle. Trim the isocircle at the xline.