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12th Sep 2006, 11:40 pm
The Divide and Measure commands allow you to place markers along an entity dividing it into a given number of segments or given segment lengths respectively. By default either command places Nodes (Points) along the divided/measured entity.

The example below uses the MEASURE command to place Nodes along a Pline at 5' increments. Setting PDMODE to 3 and PDSIZE to 2 controls the display of the Nodes, in this case making them appear as an X.


Handy? Maybe. But, you can also use a Block for your marker making these commands even more useful.
The following example uses MEASURE to create a sidewalk with joints. Create a Block named SWJT (sidewalk joint) that is a 4' vertical Line with the insertion point at the midpoint. Offset the Pline 2.5' on both sides to create a sidewalk.


Measure the center line of the sidewalk. Use the Block option with the SWJT Block placed at 5' increments.
Command: MEASURE
Select object to measure: [select the Pline]
Specify length of segment or : [B]B
Enter name of block to insert: SWJT
Align block with object? [Yes/No] : Yes
Specify length of segment: 5
Finally, delete the center line.


Use this same procedure to quickly create all kinds of repetative elements: layout parking stripes along a curve, divide an alignment with track lights, place rebar in details, etc.

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