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  1. Download and install Local Help Files for AutoCAD

    If you have the need or preference to work with locally installed HELP files for AutoCAD 2017, you can download and install the local help files fairly easily. The download is about 180MB in size....
  2. AutoCAD 2017 SP1 may break existing functionality

    Jimmy Bergmark from JTB World, has reported that the just released SP1 for AutoCAD 2017 may break the functionality of the “plug-in auto loader mechanism”. Please make note of this before installing...
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    Reset location of AutoCAD Palettes

    If your layer manager or properties palette is suddenly missing, and you can’t find it, take a look at these ways of restoring the location. Resetting display of the Properties Palette (or other...
  4. Revit Technology Conference 2016 – Turn Up the Heat!

    This week, a few hundred of our closest Revit-using friends will be gathering in Scottsdale, AZ. Starting with the Building Content Summit on Monday, July 11th, and culminating in the Revit...
  5. Civil 3D 2017 New Feature: Cache Surface

    There is a new feature in Civil 3D 2017 that allows you to cache a DREF surface in a drawing (DREF meaning Data Reference). What this means is that the surface retains its data shortcut reference,...
  6. Downloading and installing many Autodesk products

    By default, Autodesk wants you to use their “download and install” combination method of installation. This may work for some, but many times it simply does not work for whatever reason (browse...
  7. Civil 3D 2016 – Convert from Standalone to Network

    You can easily convert a standalone licensed Civil 3D 2016 to network licensing by making a simple registry edit. Shut down Civil 3D 2016. Open the Registry Editor. Navigate to...
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    Adding Shortcut commands

    Using PGP files One way to add your own keyboard shortcuts is by editing the PGP (Program Parameters) file. In AutoCAD, this file is named “acad.pgp”, in AutoCAD LT, this file is named “acadlt.pgp”,...
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    Create many revision clouds at once

    The revision cloud command was enhanced in 2016 so that the end result behaves more like a polyline, with vertices on the corners, instead of it being composed of a series of arcs. What if you need...
  10. Autodesk Network License Manager for 2017

    If you are considering upgrading to the 2017 version of Autodesk’s network licensed products such as AutoCAD, Civil 3D, etc., then you will need to obtain a new network license of course. You also...
  11. Revit Building Sites: 3D Collaboration with Civil 3D

    Exporting Building Sites from Revit is a useful coordination tool for working with Civil 3D. A “Building Site” is not really the site, as we think of it, but a cleaned up model of the building that...
  12. AutoCAD appears to freeze during startup

    In some cases you might receive feedback from an application that is misleading. Take AutoCAD for example, a frequent complaint about this application is that it starts up slowly and/or it hangs up...
  13. AutoCAD 2017 – Three Hotfixes Available

    If you are an early adopter of AutoCAD 2017, be sure you keep up with the recently released HotFixes.*Hotfixes can be thought of as like a mini service pack, a quick fix for specific issues. Here is...
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    Partial menus in AutoCAD

    Do you have a company or personal menu for AutoCAD, or are you thinking about putting one together? If you have not started already, don’t customize the stock menu(s). Create you own and load it as a...
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    Civil3D 2017 File format

    Civil 3D 2017 was recently released but be careful before upgrading. The last 4 previous versions (2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016) were all compatible with each other, but 2017 is NOT backwards...
  16. Printing color in AutoCAD with monochrome plot styles

    Many CAD users today still routinely produce*monochrome drawings of construction documents in their daily production work. For these users, little has changed over the years since their drawings are...
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    BIM Forum – Minneapolis 2016

    I’ve recently returned from BIM Forum’s Minneapolis conference (coincidentally, I was there when Prince died…very surreal, and way off-topic). If you have never been to BIM Forum, I would suggest you...
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    Removing InfoCenter from AutoCAD 2017

    If you wish to remove the InfoCenter from the AutoCAD title bar, it is very easy to do. With AutoCAD closed, run the REGEDIT command (disclaimer: don’t do anything foolish in here, only make the edit...
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    Revit 2016 R2 – Global Parameters

    If you’ve installed the R2 download for Revit 2016 (available to Student and Subscription customers), you may have noticed a new parameter tool called Global Parameters. This new tool brings the...
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    Autodesk Expert Elite

    Are you aware of the Autodesk Expert Elite program? It began in late 2012 with invitations to 62 individuals from all over the world. Many of those invitees were attending Autodesk University that...
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