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  1. AutoCAD 2016 Service Pack 1 is now available

    Service Pack 1 for AutoCAD*2016 and AutoCAD LT 2016 has been released. It should first become available via the Application Manager, and soon thereafter via the Knowledge Network Downloads page. The...
  2. Extract .MSP files from Autodesk Service Packs

    You may have noticed that when you download an Autodesk service pack, it comes in .EXE flavor only. But, when you are making a product deployment, and you want to add a service pack, it requires a...
  3. Autodesk University 2015 – come hear the CAD Panacea authors

    If you are planning on attending Autodesk University 2015, well….. you better get registered soon. The hotel fills up fast as do the AU classes. Our CAD Panacea authors are involved with at least 4...
  4. Revit Worksets – Use Them to Your Advantage

    Most everyone using Revit in a multi-user environment understands how Worksharing works…a Central File is created, users create their own Local Files, and everyone plays nicely together. Right?...
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    Editing images with Raster Design

    Raster Design is included with many of the Autodesk Suites, including Building Design Suite, Infrastructure Design Suite, and AutoCAD Design Suite, and it seems to be under utilized. The following is...
  6. Autodesk perpetual license sales to be cut off sooner than once announced

    The following is a quote from Robert Green as posted in the “CAD Managers Unite” facebook group. “Sale of new perpetual licenses for suite based products will now be terminated on July 31, 2016...
  7. AutoCAD: change character width on multiple Mtext objects

    A question was posed to me this morning. How can I change the character width (not the Mtext box width) on hundreds of Mtext objects? The quickest way I could come up with, without having to write a...
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    Windows 10? Hold that thought!

    As of this writing, Windows 10 is not a supported operating system for any Autodesk product. Before installing any O/S upgrades, it’s imperative that you understand the needs of the software you...
  9. AutoCAD Map 3D 2016 Service Pack 1 is now available

    Service Pack 1 for AutoCAD Map 3D 2016 is now available. As always, remember to read the readme file for a list of what’s been fixed and any important information regarding the install of this...
  10. Civil 3D and Revit – Let’s Get Together!

    It’s not unusual for different CAD techs to have different methods of entering information into either Civil 3D or Revit. Shortcut keys, ribbon panels, and toolbars will all lead to identical...
  11. Autodesk Revit 2016 Service Pack 2 Now Available

    Service packs are rolling out everywhere. SP2 for Revit 2016 just came up in our Application Manager. You may also find it here. As always, be sure to read the Readme file for the latest info and...
  12. AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016 Service Pack 1 is now available

    At the current moment, this update is not listed inside of the Application Manager nor is it listed when you go to and navigate to the 2016 downloads. But thanks to...
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    AutoCAD Blocks 101 – Part 2

    In part 1, we talked about what blocks are, why and when you should them, and we touched on dynamic blocks. Let’s move on and cover a few more things. When you are creating or defining a block, you...
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    Who is Harry Field?

    Some of you may remember the recording of an Autodesk support call featuring New York resident Harry Field – if not, have a listen. (Note: Rated PG for Harry’s slightly colorful language)

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    Reflections from RTC 2015

    It’s the Monday morning after the Revit Technology Conference held last week in Washington, D.C., and I’m sitting with an extra dose of coffee, surrounded by conference “bling”, business cards and...
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    Solving 5 common AutoCAD problems

    Long time AutoCAD users will probably know about all of these, but let’s not forget, there are new AutoCAD users every day out there who probably run into issues such as these – all of which have an...
  17. Revit & Drafting – Yes, They Can Coexist

    The battle rages on…you know the one. The battle between “let’s embrace technology” and “but this is the way we’ve always done it!” Such is the discussion that seems to transpire when it comes to...
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    AutoCAD Blocks 101 – Part 1

    AutoCAD Blocks have been around as long as AutoCAD. What is a block? An AutoCAD block is a named collection of geometry, annotation, and essentially anything graphical you can create, including other...
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    AEC Blogger Council

    We are excited to have been invited to the brand new Autodesk AEC Blogger Council by organizer Angela Simoes. What does this mean? We, along with about 35 others worldwide will have access to up and...
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    AutoCAD Xrefs and Relative Paths

    C’mon AutoCAD…. why do you have so much trouble with relative xref paths? I add a DWG xref and you tell me…. So I choose Full Path and proceed to finish attaching the DWG. Then I right-click on the...
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