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    Sticky: Autodesk Account

    As mentioned in an earlier post after AU2014, Autodesk Subscription Center is due to be retired soon (March 13) and replaced by Autodesk Account. Even though Subscription Center is still available,...
  2. Want to remove all intelligence from a DWG file?

    This post is for information only. We are not trying to make suggestions or recommendations on how to share data. You work that out between you and your clients, partners, etc. This information is...
  3. Quick, simple attributed blocks available in AutoCAD

    AutoCAD comes with several attributed blocks in various shapes, but they are sort of hidden. If you create or edit an MLEADER style, you can see these blocks. Of course if you need blocks like this...
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    AutoCAD Comparisons

    Ever wanted to know the differences between AutoCAD, *AutoCAD LT, and the AutoCAD Design Suite? Or maybe the differences between AutoCAD for Windows and AutoCAD for Mac OS? *Check out the links...
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    CAD Vanity Plates

    Let’s start off the week with a little fun. *Are you super jazzed up about your CAD related occupation? * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Let’s find some more out there? Do you...
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    Explore the current drawing directory

    Here is a menu macro that will open Windows Explorer to the directory of the current drawing in AutoCAD. ^C^C(startapp "explorer" (strcat "/e, "(getvar "dwgprefix"))); Create a new command in the...
  7. AutoCAD for Mac and AutoCAD LT for Mac 2015

    Today, Autodesk has announced the release of the 2015 versions of AutoCAD for Mac and AutoCAD LT for Mac.

    According to Micah Dickerson, Product Manager, AutoCAD for Mac, the number of Mac users...
  8. Autodesk physical media shipments no longer free

    In an email we received from Autodesk today, it was announced that "Autodesk will no longer ship physical software—free of charge—to Maintenance Subscription customers in US and Canada."

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    AutoCAD 2015 SP2 is now available

    Autodesk has released Service Pack 2 for AutoCAD 2015.

    Be sure to read the download page and the readme file (English only).

    This service pack contains the fixes included in AutoCAD 2015...
  10. 123D Catch is now available for Android

    123D Catch for Android is here! What started out as Project Photofly in Autodesk Labs a few years ago eventually graduated to 123D Catch, which is a service that allows you to convert a set of...
  11. No Horizontal Scroll Bar - AutoCAD 2015

    AutoCAD 2015 and its verticals do not include the horizontal scroll bar for viewports. Personally, this is a feature I have never used since it was introduced, and in fact is one of the first things...
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    Autodesk Civil 3D 2015 Service Pack 1

    Autodesk has released Service Pack 1 for Civil 3D 2015.

    Be sure to read the download page and the readme file (English only).

    This service pack contains the fixes included in Autodesk...
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    Single label selection in Civil 3D

    In Civil 3D, you can use the Ctrl Key to alter the selection of certain objects. For example, if you select a single alignment geometry point label, the entire string of labels are selected. However...
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    Uninstalling IDSP 2014

    We were recently performing some Civil 3D upgrades, and in the process, more or less defined an acceptable order of removal for all the components of Civil 3D 2013. When we ran into removing all the...
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    Autodesk Civil 3D 2014 Service Pack 2

    Autodesk has released Service Pack 2 for Civil 3D 2014.

    Be sure to read the download page and the readme file (English only).

    This Service Pack applies to all language versions of...
  16. Uninstall Order of Civil 3D components

    A while back we had a Twitter conversation with @AutodeskHelp and @TommieR on UNinstall procedures for various Autodesk products. Autodesk has published articles regarding the removal of Civil 3D...
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    Non-rectangular viewports

    Prior to AutoCAD 2000, paper space viewports could only be rectangular. If you needed to crop or trim portions of your viewport, you had to get creative and use multiple rectangular viewports or...
  18. Why you may need the UCSICON in AutoCAD

    Depending on what discipline you work in, you may or may not have the need to work with User Defined Coordinate Systems. By default, a new empty AutoCAD drawing starts out in the World Coordinate...
  19. AutoCAD Map FDO Annotation to AutoCAD text

    In recent versions of AutoCAD Map and Civil 3D, you have the ability to drag and drop ESRI .SHP (shape) files into your drawing editor. This method is extremely fast and in most cases a better...
  20. 2015 Autodesk event recap #DiveInto2015

    Our reseller Total CAD Systems held an informative event on 06/10/2014 in Houston. There were breakout sessions in the morning covering the new...
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