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    Custom AutoCAD linetypes

    There is little sense in preparing a tutorial on creating custom AutoCAD linetypes, because there are dozens of those already available. One of those can be found here in part 1*and part 2. In the...
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    CAD to Revit and Back Again

    Recently we ran into an issue with our title blocks. We had a company logo that had originally been created as an AutoCAD block using hatch, plines and splines. The .DWG was linked into our Revit...
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    Exploding Text into lines

    In a previous post, we described how to “explode” complex linetypes into individual line segments. Many people have a need to explode Text or Mtext for various reasons, one of which might be to...
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    Disable Cursor Badges in AutoCAD

    Cursor badges are little icons that appear near the cursor to show you what command is active. They were introduced in AutoCAD 2015 and immediately started generating negative feedback, mainly...
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    You want me to do WHAT??

    Since the dawn of AutoCAD, the debate has raged on regarding drawing setup and project management. Model space versus paper space drafting. External references…yay or nay. Truth is…there really isn’t...
  6. AutoCAD 2016 – How to disable Ribbon Galleries

    AutoCAD 2015 actually introduced what they call Ribbon Galleries, which are graphical drop-downs showing previews for items such as blocks, dimstyles, mleaderstyles, tablestyles, etc. Although it...
  7. Printing from AutoCAD with a black printed background

    Have you ever wanted to print a portion of, or even an entire drawing with a black background? It’s not hard, just follow these steps. Working in model space, if your background color is black,...
  8. CAD Career Observations and Sage Advice

    CAD Career Observations and Sage Advice —*(In other words…Been there, done that…and what not to do!) Looking back over my 22-year career, I realize that I have not ended up where I planned to go. I...
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    Top 10 new features in AutoCAD 2016

    When AutoCAD 2016 was announced this week, we bypassed our normal “What’s new” post and linked you to over a dozen other similar reviews. Now that the dust has somewhat settled, let’s review the top...
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    AutoCAD Align Command

    Have you ever wanted to move and rotate objects in AutoCAD all in one command? That is exactly what the ALIGN command does, and it can optionally scale the objects too. Basically you specify a pair...
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    CAD Panacea is 10 years old

    We want to say THANK YOU to all the readers of CAD Panacea which turns 10 years old this week. *We’ve been through 2 hosting vendors and 3 blogging platforms and plan to keep writing for you for...
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    AutoCAD 2016 announced today

    AutoCAD 2016 will be available for download on March 23, 2015. *More details coming soon here, meanwhile check out some of our peers: Here is AutoCAD 2016; the last perpetual license you will ever...
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    Autodesk Account

    As mentioned in an earlier post after AU2014, Autodesk Subscription Center is due to be retired soon (March 13) and replaced by Autodesk Account. Even though Subscription Center is still available,...
  14. Want to remove all intelligence from a DWG file?

    This post is for information only. We are not trying to make suggestions or recommendations on how to share data. You work that out between you and your clients, partners, etc. This information is...
  15. Quick, simple attributed blocks available in AutoCAD

    AutoCAD comes with several attributed blocks in various shapes, but they are sort of hidden. If you create or edit an MLEADER style, you can see these blocks. Of course if you need blocks like this...
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    AutoCAD Comparisons

    Ever wanted to know the differences between AutoCAD, *AutoCAD LT, and the AutoCAD Design Suite? Or maybe the differences between AutoCAD for Windows and AutoCAD for Mac OS? *Check out the links...
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    CAD Vanity Plates

    Let’s start off the week with a little fun. *Are you super jazzed up about your CAD related occupation? * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Let’s find some more out there? Do you...
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    Explore the current drawing directory

    Here is a menu macro that will open Windows Explorer to the directory of the current drawing in AutoCAD. ^C^C(startapp "explorer" (strcat "/e, "(getvar "dwgprefix"))); Create a new command in the...
  19. AutoCAD for Mac and AutoCAD LT for Mac 2015

    Today, Autodesk has announced the release of the 2015 versions of AutoCAD for Mac and AutoCAD LT for Mac.

    According to Micah Dickerson, Product Manager, AutoCAD for Mac, the number of Mac users...
  20. Autodesk physical media shipments no longer free

    In an email we received from Autodesk today, it was announced that "Autodesk will no longer ship physical software—free of charge—to Maintenance Subscription customers in US and Canada."

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