Last week we flew a UAS (drone) over a old historic building being renovated in Portland Oregon. We captured 279 photos in two short 15 minute flights and automatically generated a 3D textured model and Ortho corrected TIFF files using Autodesk ReCap Photo.

ReCap Photo has an entirely new engine and now expanded to 1000 images support as well as DEM file and Ortho Tiff file creation. If you have a land development or construction project, you should look into Autodesk ReCap Photo as it is so simple and cost effective to generate a 3D textured and accurate model.

ReCap Photo model generated from 279 photos of a building being renovated. I split the screen capture to show the textured as well as the mesh display.

Screen capture showing the location of photos. We have an active FAA waiver to fly in this class c airspace location.

279/279 shots successfully stitched
Number of 3D points: 61842
Number of manual points: 0

Export an Ortho corrected TIFF & DEM file.

Export the point cloud and use the data in Autodesk ReCap Pro or import the RCS file into Autodesk InfraWorks.

Combining both a LiDAR and photogrammetry makes for the best reality capture model.

Learn more about Autodesk ReCap Photo.