Watch the Giant Robot Duel on October 17th at 7:00pm PDT

MegaBot was designed using Autodesk software such as Inventor and Fusion 360. Team MegaBots: Autodesk

The Giant Robot Duel will premiere on, the world's premier live-streaming platform.
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  • Here's how the timing will work out (All times mentioned are in Pacific time, so do the appropriate conversion for where you are.)
    • At 7:00 PM, the stream will go live. There will be about 30 minutes of MegaBots and Suidobashi background videos to catch you up on what we've been doing for the last two years. If you're a superfan, you've probably seen a lot of this already.
    • At 7:30 pm, the main event will start streaming. USA and Japan will go toe-to-toe in glorious robot combat. If you're confused about this, we're not really sure what to tell you at this point. Cheer on your favorite team and watch the fireworks!!!
    • After the fight, around 8:00 pm, we'll be doing a live Q&A session with the co-founders of MegaBots from our headquarters, Fortress One.
  • If you miss the Twitch stream, you'll be able to watch it almost immediately afterward on our YouTube channel and Facebook page.