The Autodesk Lake Oswego office held our annual Halloween lunch put on by the 5 member Ministry of Mischief of which I am a proud loud member. We had food, candy, beverages, and costume and pumpkin contests. We all had a great time for the final Halloween spent in our Lake Oswego office as we move downtown Portland in the spring.

We had great prizes for the contests including 3 Amazon Echo Dots, sweet custom socks, Icelandic black death licorice alcohol, chocolate, star wars gear, a 1 pound gummy bear, and free diabetes with all the candy people were eating.

Winning Costume: Dean Rose as the Lion King complete with a golden glitter beard.

Winning Pumpkin

Here are some of the other costumes, office puppies including my Cooper, and pumpkins including a hipster pumpkin and one pumpkin that Olivia Williamson put me on it flying a drone.

Some photos by Charlie Zhang

LUMA Guy meets the Lion King

Thank you Autodesk Lake Oswego employees for holding a fun Halloween party!