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    Default Found my Lost Phone

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    A little over two weeks ago I lost my new iPhone and it didn't even show up on the Find My iPhone app meaning a clever thief disabled it, it was run over and dead, or it didn't have cell service. I panicked as the mobile phone has become my portable brain assistant as I don't even memorize phone numbers anymore and come to rely on technology. The last place I remember seeing it was at the Farmers Market before I went hiking with a friend in the Mount Hood National Forest.

    After checking with the police, the market, and using the lost IPhone alert feature I had all but given up on ever seeing it again, and began to use an older phone I had. This past Saturday I received a call saying they found my iPhone in the mountains in a of all places, a duck nest. The guy said he noticed something shiny in the mud while checking the duck nesting structures and found it was a phone, and decided to clean it up and find the owner. He was able to use the sim card from my phone in his Android phone to see my phone number and contact me.

    I must have dropped my phone while hiking and in doing so tested that the new iPhones are very water and weatherproof being in the rain, snow, mud, freezing cold, and duck poop. I am not sure how the phone ended up in a duck nesting box as I was nowhere near any ducks when hiking. Perhaps some clepto wildlife liked the shiny phone and took and hid it in the duck nest.

    I'm happy to have my phone back and when I offered a reward, all he wanted was for me to do something nice for someone else in return. It is so nice to meet good people.

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    Can I have my duck back, I've spent years training him as a pickpocket and he just ran off the other week.
    I've just been down graded from 2012LT to full Autocad 2017. I WANT LT BACK

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