i am new on Autocad VBA, i found this code somewhere..
thsa what i need but i want to change the
SelectOnScreen part..
Here's the code:
Public Sub LineDetail()

Dim oSS As AcadSelectionSet

Dim oEntity As AcadEntity

Dim iFilterCode(0) As Integer

Dim vFilterValue(0) As Variant

  On Error Resume Next


  On Error GoTo 0


  Set oSS = Application.ActiveDocument.SelectionSets.Add("Lines")

  iFilterCode(0) = 0: vFilterValue(0) = "Line"

  oSS.SelectOnScreen iFilterCode, vFilterValue

  If oSS.Count Then

    For Each oEntity In oSS

      Dim oLine As AcadLine

      Set oLine = oEntity

      With oLine

        MsgBox "StartPoint: " & .StartPoint(0) & ", " & .StartPoint(1) & ", " & .StartPoint(2) & vbCrLf & _

               "EndPoint  : " & .EndPoint(0) & ", " & .EndPoint(1) & ", " & .EndPoint(2)

      End With

    Next oEntity

  End If

End Sub
i think its this code that i need to change?
oSS.SelectOnScreen iFilterCode, vFilterValue
but IDK how, is there a way for me to atleast select the previous line i selected???
plus, the code loops when i select multiple lines..
i only want to select 1 LINE at a time...