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    Default Autodesk Advance Steel Tutorial/Video required

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    Good day

    Will someone please help.

    Could you propose a tutorial or video that demonstrates how to design a simple lattice structure from scratch (not import) - in Autodesk Advance Steel (any edition but later preferred)?

    I am currently proposing to my superior that our division acquire Autodesk Advance Steel instead using Autodesk Inventor as a more suitable alternative - for the purpose of detailing lattice structures that will support electrical substation equipment.

    However, I need to convince them that this is a suitable product (or not), for which I need help in drawing a prototype structure using a 30-day trial.

    All of the tutorials I could find only show how to design building/warehouse structures - but no small/medium lattice supports (examples attached).

    Those tutorials are unsuitable - the upright columns are shown using I-beams instead of angles, the connections are way too complex showing gussets instead of simple bolt connections, and I cannot find info on how one would go about constraining to a three-dimensional (not 2D) grid.

    My requirements for Autodesk Advance Steel:
    - steel lattice design (e.g. electrical substation support, isolator support, transformer support)
    - simple connection (e.g. angle to angle bolted connection)
    - 3D grid (or skeleton) constrained design (i.e. overall dimensions can drive design)
    - arrayed braces (if possible).
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