AU 2004 seems like a long time ago, but it was the first year in which I presented at Autodesk University and I was a nervous wreck; still even Today I would classify myself as a nervous speaker. The perfectionist in me almost did me in at AU 2004, as some know I drove to Kinko's hours before I had to present to fix a problem with my handouts. After being quoted one price, and then being told something that was well double the quoted price reality settled in and the mistake would remain; I don't even know if anyone even saw the mistake or cared it was in there. Rather than take a taxi back, I decided to hoof it back barely making it in time to get a different change in shirt as it was more than 4+ miles back (it is hard to gauge distance in Las Vegas at times).

Based on the way I was feeling up to and after the presentation at AU 2004, I figured I would be one and done. I guess I couldn't have been further wrong, as I have had the privilege to present every year since AU 2004 and impact the way people utilize the AutoCAD program. AU 2017 marked the 14th different AU I presented at. Below is a list of the sessions I have presented over the years:

Note: Session handouts and files from 2004 through 2010 can be found on the AUGI website.


If you have any areas of the AutoCAD APIs you would like to see improved in the developer documentation, covered in a future AU session, or written about in a blog article let me know.

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