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    I have a question to ask.

    Let's say i have a drawing drawn by someone else using a full version of autocad (3D). And because we only have a lite version of autocad 2005, how would i make sure that i see the right view here.

    To be honest, i'm not sure if the drawing is drawn using microstation or the full version of AutoCAD. When i picked a line and looked at the properties of it, i noticed there was some values for Z coordinate. I mean should Z be zero if it's in 2D. so given my situation and the version i'm using, is there a way of getting the right view of the drawing?

    Thank you in advance

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    AutoCAD Lite doesn't have full 3d capabilites but I'm pretty sure it handles all 3d objects except 3d solids. So you may have the same "view" as was created in full AutoCAD. I would expect if opened a drawing with a solid using Lite you'd lose the object, not have it transformed to a 3d line/surface object. Plus you'd probably get a message.

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