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    Default can you turn a single-line into a double-line?

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    complete newb here...just started with the autocad; drew a single-lined bird's eye of the exterior of a house. is there a way to make the single lines into multi-lines from this without redrawing from scratch using multi-lines? basically, convert them into double lines, or even repeat the (blocked?) shell of the house slightly smaller, leaving a specific distance between interior and exterior walls? parallelling each line and shortening each end of each line by six inches seems like it might take awhile; it's not anything close to being a mere rectangle. don't mind redrawing, but would be great to know there is a function for something like this.
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    I expect there is but I don't know how.

    If your outside shape is esentially continuous you could convert it into a POLYLINE (use PEDIT to convert a LINE to PLOYLINE) and then OFFSET by your desired amount. For parts that are not continuous you can still offset the line and <shift> FILLET to complete the corners were appropriate.
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