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There is a new version of Autodesk Impression now available for download today January 17th, 2007. There have been many updates based on feedback received from previous Technical preview users and current beta customers enrolled in the beta at Some of the biggest updates have been to the user interface "UI" like the Layers palette and Dashboard. Also included now is the cool feature that provides the ability to update your Impression drawing file when the CAD geometry in which it was based on changes. You can import files from some of the following DWG, DWF, BMP, GIF, JPG, PCX, DCX, PSD, PNG, TGA, TIFF. Yes you can use a DWF file to start styling it in Impression and then save it as a DWF when completed or save as Impression format IRF, BMP, EPS, JPEG, PDF, PSD, and PNG.
Updates since the Technical Preview 2 Version
  • CAD geometry updates. When the original drawing changes, you can refresh your Impression drawing and retain many of your stylizations as well as any geometry that you've added.
  • Dashboard. The Layers palette, Style Editor, and Styles palette are now combined on a single, interactive palette.
  • Style Editor flyout panes. Style elements that make up each style can be edited on the properties flyout panes that are displayed when you move the cursor over the flyout arrows on the style tree. The location of these arrows changes, depending on the location of the palette.
  • Block and style scaling. Set Impression to adjust the overall scale of applied styles if a block or object is resized or if the view scale changes.
  • Block properties relocated. The Block properties drawer has been replaced by the Block
  • Properties dialog box. To access it, double-click a block in the Blocks palette.
  • Block and Styles palettes redesigned. Content on these palettes is now displayed on navigation panes instead of on tabs. You can create custom filters for blocks and styles based on their name or other properties. Block styles are listed as a separate set on the Styles palette.
  • Import of individual styles and blocks now available. From the Blocks and Styles palettes, you can open libraries that link to saved blocks or styles in other Impression files. You can save entire libraries or individual styles or blocks.
  • Automatic block style scaling. Blocks now retain the drawing scale of the view in which they were created. If they are inserted into an Impression view with a different drawing scale, the block styles are scaled proportionately, so that the relative appearance of the blocks remains the same.
  • Properties palette changes. Text properties have been moved from the Properties palette to a standalone Text Properties palette that is displayed automatically whenever you create text. Block properties are now displayed on the Properties palette.
  • Improved quality for imported objects. The visual fidelity for objects imported from DWG files has improved, particularly with regards to hidden line removal, text, and gradients. Additional view types, including 3D perspective, are now supported. Hatches, clipped objects, and wide polylines are also imported.
  • Area fill process enhanced. You can apply styles to areas more reliably, including dragging styles from the Styles palette to closed areas on the canvas.
  • Restore palettes to default settings. If you have modified the Impression interface, you can restore the original palette configuration by clicking Palettes menu > Reset Palettes. You must restart the application to see the changes.
  • Overall performance improved. Internal changes have improved the overall responsiveness of Impression as you work, especially when working with the drop shadow effect or overshoot property.
Check the system requirements and then give Autodesk Impression previously known as code name "Vespa" a try. It is a simple and fun application to communicate designs in a more conceptual, artistic, and personal style. If you would like to be more actively involved in the development of Autodesk Impression and work directly with the Impression Team, make sure to sign up for beta testing at
Autodesk Impression Community
Become a member of the Autodesk Impression Community to stay current with all the latest developments and resources available for this technology preview. Learn how Impression is evolving, find new content to use in your images, and share your experiences with other users. There are also 2 Autodesk Impression blogs in the community by Todd Hunter and Lisa Crounse.

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