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    Default how to use two maps on one wall

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    hi all,
    i want to use two or three kind paint on one wall for example i modelled a 4*5 meters room walls r three meters high.now i want to use 1st kind paint one meter heigh from floor after that a 10cm moulding and after moulding will b second kind of paint and after that will b cornice moulding.so four kind paint will b on all walls as given below
    1-first colour paint from floor till one meter height
    2-10cm moulding will b paint by second colour
    3-upper part of wall after moulding will b paint by third colour
    4-moulding at the edge of ceiling and wall will b painted by fouurt kind of colour
    pls tell me how i can do in my model by 3ds max

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    not a max user but in the package i use you could do this 1 of 2 ways (prob more) the first would be to assign all the materials to the wall and then turn off tiling and play with the mapping of the materialuntill the desired result is achieved, the second would be to split the wall into seperate faces and assign a material into each selection to achieve the result, i guess the thrid option would be to manually model each section seperatly

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    I would draw up thw walls in AutoCAD under a separte layer and attach the required materials to these. One layer for the bottom, one for the middle and one for the top.

    It would mean that you have 3 separte objects to a wall but as long as they are placed together correctly then it will work fine.
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