Most members will be unaware of recent disturbances on this forum. If that is the case, you can safely ignore this announcement. For those of you who have been involved, I set out below the current situation in order to be completely open and transparent.

After discussion, the forum moderators and I agreed on the following actions:

The member Antisthenes has been banned permanently.
I did not take this action lightly. Although Antisthenes was the catalyst for recent unrest, that member is not solely to blame as the situation was exacerbated by the reaction of others. However, as Antisthenes had already been warned and served two previous bans, the final sanction has been taken.

Allan Cullen has been banned for 2 days.
Although we have received an apology from Allan, we felt that in all fairness and in view of his reaction and language, we had to issue a short ban.

Other members who were drawn into the situation should consider themselves warned and I remind them that provocative or abusive posts should be reported, using the red button on the offending post. Alternatively, you may PM me or any other moderator if you have a specific grievance. Please do not respond to such posts yourself.

In view of recent events, I will be drawing up a code of conduct for forum members and an explanation of the banning system. We are fortunate that we haven't needed such a thing before but I feel we should all know where the boundaries lie.

I am not inviting debate on any of these points and have closed this thread.