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    Unhappy Advise on Customisation needed

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    Hi everyone.

    we currently have a custom app written in AutoLisp. It was written externally to our organisation. The original developer is now retiring but claims he will still work on our stuff as required (mods etc) but recent requests for modifications have taken some time to come through. For this reason we wish to bring further development of this app in-house.

    Over the life of the app to date we have had many problems with reliability and bugs and even meeting written requirement specifications with any degree of accuracy.

    I guess what I am asking for is recomendations on do we leave this app in autolisp or would we benefit from moving the app to VBA or other.

    I am a Delphi W32 developer and did some VB and C++ at uni years ago so picking that up won't be a problem and I could probably even learn lisp if I need to Haven't had any real exposure to .NET

    Any advise will be well received


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    I would suggest both use lisp and Vba

    lisp for simple stuff 1 or 2 lines of code, use vba if you want forms and lots of user input or calculations are time consuming.

    Re existing code to rewrite may take a long time sounds like some error trapping at preset points would be a good idea to identify problem in existing code then ask here for help.

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    Hi. I can fix your lisp code, if you want to do it send to me private message.

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