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    Default Adding linetypes to Plot Styles??

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    I have an issue with trying to print a certain linetype. I would like the layer to show up continuous on the screen and print out at Dashed025. So, I went into the plot manager and tried to set the linetype for which the layer prints , but, dashed025 isn't an option.

    Does anyone know if I can add a linetype to a plot style instead of using one of the 20 or so that are already in there?

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    there are plenty of linetypes i thought
    if you are using autoCAD 2000
    click on the "linetype" flyout and then select "other..."alternatively punch in "LT" on ya keyboard...

    than "linetype manager" dialogue box will pop up and the click on "load" and then choose the line type you want, then click "ok" and then "ok" again,

    all you have to do than is assign away.. or specifiy it in your "layer manager"



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