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    Autodesk RSS Feed Free Download of the new Inventor LT (and free training!)

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    If you are in the manufacturing design Biz and you haven't downloaded the free preview version of Autodesk Inventor LT then drop everything, put your coffee down (you'll need two hands), and go directly to Autodesk Labs. Do not pass Go...Do not collect $200...(you know the drill!). Here you'll have a chance to see for yourself how easy Autodesk Inventor is without spending a single penny! It's free (and we all love free...right?...or is it just me).
    Autodesk Inventor LT is to Inventor as AutoCAD LT is to AutoCAD. Not quite all the functionality but a great step in the right direction. Here you can create 3D parts, the 2D drawing files that go with those parts (actual DWG files) and even render the fabulous parts you design with the built-in photorealistic rendered Inventor Studio. If you'd like to see a video that talks about the Inventor LT preview check this out: Inventor LT video
    If you are completely new to Inventor - you might want to attend a free hands-on seminar (mini-training session) on the product so you can get off on the right foot. The Autodesk Training Centers are offering up these cool seminars as part of their ATC Open Doors program.
    So there you have it - free, free, free! I hereby officially deem today as Free Day! Hoorah! Everyone should get off work early to celebrate. : )

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    Default I just have to have the LT

    Hi Lynn,
    I'm in the UK and can't download the Inventor LT because of the location restriction. I just wanted to ask if there would be anything preventing someone in the US or Canada from downloading it and emailing it to me as an attachment, or putting it on a website from which I can then download it.


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    Hi firefly, this forum is an automated RSS agregator so I'm afraid Lynn won't see your message. My guess is that the licence may only be for use in US or Canada but it's worth checking this out with Autodesk.
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