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    Default Printing CAD DWF into Access reports

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    I am having a problem when printing a report. My IT department have produced a database that has room for an image. Unfortunately when i send the image to the database, all that appears is an icon. The images that i am sending are DWF drawings from AutoCAD 2004. This leads to a problem when printing. The images need to be visible on the printed report, but are just appearing as the icon. I have tried switching to AutoCAD on the database in the input data box, but i get an OLE server error appearing, any ideas?

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    what control are they using to display the dwf ?
    they have a choice..
    • thumbnail control
      whip control
      express viewer control
      page viewer control
      volo view control
    and probably a few others.
    they are using the right control aren't they ? they wouldn't try to view dwf's using a thumbnail control, ?... nah... they wouldn't
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