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Thread: Plot problems

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    The problem was that the stb file was hidden in an obscure place and I was just using any old one when "convertpstyle"ing. This one I will put down to me being dumb. (I guess that's why I am an Architectural Technician rather than a doctor or a pilot)

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    thanks for getting back to us with that!

    bookmarked for FAQ
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    I have a similar issue with ADT 2007? in the plot window under 'Plot style table(pen assignments)' there are only about 7-8 styles while the printer support file path is pointing to about 20 plus styles? What is wrong? It seems like I can only see a select handful of the plot styles and of course i don't see the one I want.

    I have tryed to redirect the Printer support file path- with no success!

    Can anyone help?

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