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    Question Shiny sky...

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    Got a little problem emerging in a model for work; I've created a dome-style sky for the scene (of which I'm quite proud) and I'm using raytraced lights with the Light Tracer advanced lighting and the default render engine (no other decent ones are installed) for 3DS Max 7.
    But here's the issue. When I add light bounces - even just one - to make it look realistic, the sky's blue colour affects the colouring of the roof material on the houses. It takes on a bluish tint, which is no use for an architectural walkthrough. My boss hasn't commented yet, but I'd like to find a way round this before he notices. Is there a way to exclude objects or materials from the light tracer? I know it's all down to the colour bleed in the light bounces, but the problem is that I need that colour bleed to make the rest look realistic.
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