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    Default Authoring Palette changed

    When I open up the block editor the palette is now a "new palette". Before it had parameters, actions and parameter sets on it. I don't know what I have done but how do I get it back?
    Many Thanks

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    Hmmm... seems like you've lost or accidentally deleted your block authoring palettes... I presume you've right clicked over the new palette & selected Customize Palettes... then Authoring Palettes... are the 3 palettes still in there? If so try draging 'em across to the right pane (right pain! ) & this should give you a new group of palettes selectable by right clicking over the new palette again... if they're not in that dialogue box then try right clicking in the empty (left) window & importing them back in...

    /edit... that said I couldn't find any files to import (either palettes or groups) so you might have to export 'em off another machine.
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    Managed to sort it out but I did have to copy the AcTpCatalog.atc from another machine and paste it into the palettes folder in the support file. AutoCAD then created the Actions, Parameters & Parameter sets .atc files. It works and the palettes are back.
    Thank You

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