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Thread: Wish List

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    i would love it if was a distance learning part to the site, the tutorials are excellent but i am finding it hard to find a cad course to fit around my schedule.

    i am part of a car club (not the same thing but has given me a few ideas) there could be a mag, prob on cd or e-zine as im sure we're all pc literate on here.

    paying a yearly subscription, would always expect more than an e-zine but up to you's guys what.

    could also have an appointments section once the site gets bigger, could probably atrract a few people.

    didnt really have time to think about this, so will get back with more ideas later

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    Default Blocks

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    I think that one thing that would attract more people and bring the site as the reference, would be a free library of materials, blocks 2D & 3D ...

    This has allready begun on CADtutor - the image bank.
    The good thing would be to create an interactive library, for each of the software present on the site, and give them all the adds people would look for to improve their materials.

    For CAD for example you would have a library of 2D blocks (trees, plan, people, furnitures) you could limit yourself to 2 or 3 disciplines, so you`re looking only at specific blocks ... architecture / landscape architecture ...

    The other thing as people said would be to develop a very simple, monthly CADtutor `newspaper`... very well designed on the graphic point of view, including maybe sometimes a cd ... this could be on sell on the CADtutor website.

    But one thing really would be to keep as long as possible the CADtutor free (and free of adds) ... that`s giving it a real boost i think
    not so easy to see the next step ....



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