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    Default Making Osnap snappier

    Okay, is there a way to increase the "strength" of the "magnet" effect, with regards to object snap (I use both AutoCAD '07, and '04 at work)? I am finding the performance a little sluggish compared to what I am used to, sort of like trying to draft through marshmallows, and I am convinced that the cause of my frustration is that the object snap doesn't lock on soon enough, or strong enough, hence, I feel as if I have to slow down a little every time I approach an endpoint, or center, or whatever. I realize that the workstation may be at fault, I use an iMac (Parallels) at home, but I've noticed the same thing with the PC's at work. I have manipulated just about every user preference I know of, could the speed of the computer (hard drive speed, amount of RAM) make a big difference, or is there some advanced settings that are not in the normal menus?

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    You can turn the magnet on/ off- I'd look at that first;

    OPTIONS- Drafting Tab

    Also you can change the Aperture of the snap box(?) in the same tab- I would suggest you play around with some of the settings there to start...
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    Thanks for the suggestions....I did some more experimentation and I discovered that the difference in performance had a lot to do with my computer after all (note to all aspiring Macintosh CAD users- when running AutoCAD on Parallels, with Windows and MacOS running alongside each other, applications used by Windows are emulated to some degree, particularly the video/graphics performance, but when you boot up in Windows alone, the performance is (should be) 100%) but thanks anyway.

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