I was delighted to find an email from Cadalyst in my in-box this week promoting my new AutoCAD Tips and Tricks videos. Featured as Tips and Tricks on Tuesdays (catchy - huh?) - I am hoping you'll enjoy these short but sweet videos that take you through some of the more subtle but powerful tools in AutoCAD.
I was invited to present at a great seminar in Oahu by U.S. CAD (or PAC Cad). It's always a pleasure seeing Yoshi Honda...former AUGI Board president and his great staff. I moved on from there to enjoy a few days on Maui.
Though the island of Maui was beautiful...it was very stormy and rainy so there wasn't much pool or beach time to be had! We did see a few beautiful rainbows though (silver lining) and took the opportunity to drive around and explore (and attempt to out drive the rain!).
An AutoCAD Hip Tip on Random Double Click Cool Things:
Did you know that you can double-click on the AutoCAD logo in the upper left corner of the screen to close AutoCAD ever so quickly? (I didn't...just found that out!). Give it a whirl!
Did you know that you can double-click on any toolbar grabber bar or palette to automatically float it? (I'm certain it's not called a "grabber bar" but you know what I mean). Double click again to redock it!
Did you know that you can control what happens whenever you double click on an object? Using the CUI you can open the Double Click Actions section to completely customize what happens when you double click on an object. I have mentioned a few extremely cool thoughts here...maybe double clicking on a line turns it into a polyline (PEDIT). Or how about double clicking on an arc turns it into a circle? (JOIN command). You'll need to know some basic macro writing to sort these out but the possibilities are endless! I believe my next Circles and Lines column will be talking about macro writing so stay tuned!
So there are some extra cool double-click tips for you to think about...(only two days left in the work week!).