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    Default Changing the direction of a polyline

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    Is there a way to easily alter the direction of a polyline, preferably by selecting more than one and then changing them all?

    Most of our linetypes use letters (e.g. --- CCTV ---), and if the polyline was drawn right to left then this linetype will be upside down on the final drawing. This can happen quite a bit, and it's a pain in the ass to go around redrawing polylines from left to right, especially when there can be over 100 of them. The polylines are drawn automatically by the way (imported via DXF) so drawing them the right way round in the first place is not really an option.

    I'm using AutoCAD LT 2006, and I also have LT-Extender installed.

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    Look here for Plrev.lsp

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    Hey, mate, welcome to the real world. This is a problem that just happens to exist, no matter what you want.

    Break the polyline at the points where you want it to change accepable viewing. Then use a lisp to reverse the direction of that portion.

    Me, personally, I don't give a rats arse. I leave it as is. The Contractor has to learn how to bend over backwards and turn upside down to read it. Which they will not do. So I really can't see a problem, except from supervising Engineers, who do not like bending over backwards and turning upside down to read a design drawing that they know nothing about in the first place.

    Have fun, mate.

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