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Thread: Line types

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    Default Line types

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    In my current configuration, how can I figure out where my linetypes are coming from (.lin file location)?

    When I search for *.lin on my computer I find many results. I would like to know specifically which .lin file I am currently using.


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    Linetypes are drawing specific (they are separate from the .lin file as soon as they're loaded in) so they have come from whichever file was opened in order to generate them... this of course causes much confusion when loading in drawings from other organisations as linetypes can appear completely differently from the original drawing. They can be regenerated by loading linetypes with the same name from a common file to overwrite the originals.

    You can load up linetypes from any of the .lin files on your computer but it's best to find a set that suit your needs & stick to it.
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