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    Quote Originally Posted by khama View Post
    Does anyone know definitively WHY USA still persists on using the out of date imperial system of Feet and Inches.. Honestly they should get with the program and change like most of the world has to metric.. Imperial wastes everyones time and money..

    Just my 0.02c.....
    it's being utilized everywhere in the US and it's ingranied into us at childhood... honeslty, I can visulize 8'-6" but ask me to show you 2 meters and all I can do is guess it's a little over 6' (once again, comparing it to the metric system).

    or I can draw a line 3'-8" and then change the units to make it seem like I've drawn everything in metric
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    We, the always contrarian citizens of the U.S., should have pressed on with the adoption of the metric system full scale when it was first proposed decades ago. Instead, we have segments of the society who are fully conversant in it while others remain totally, may I even dare say "ignorantly" unaware of it. Our sense of "superiority" borders on the ridiculous.

    Side note: The international society of air traffic controllers has made English the defacto standard for pilots and air traffic controllers around the world. The prime reason is to avoid mid-air and ground based collisions brought on by mis-communication.
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    I believe the US of A should adopt, embrace, the metric system.

    At one time, we in the United States were goin' to adopt the metric system. Have not to date.

    Being a world wide community, a standard is required.

    A nice metric converter "Click 'n Convert" is available free online at
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    As for the original question, why not just change the scale factor of the dim style?

    No drawing aspect will be changed and can be updated as needed
    as many times as needed

    Change the suffix, alt unit preferences, tolorances and anything else you could ever need to show
    Jon ~

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