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    Jason Fischer

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    I am working at company, we have about 25 users on a network. When we updated to CAD 2002 randomly an AutoCAD Message started popping up stating that CAD could not save the file as it is being accessed by another session. This can happen after you have been in the drawing and saved many times and all of a sudden CAD thinks someone else has the drawing open. It's kind of a weird thing and it's not real consistent, wich makes hit hard to pin point the problem. It will hapen to someone for a while then it will be someone else next. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jason.

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    I have encountered this problem as well. I found that when it happened for me was when one or more computers crashed on the network all the files open would say another user is using them. Once the network rebooted things would be back to normal. If anyone knows or has any input on this it would b greatly appreciated.


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    Try going to Tool/Options/Open & Save Tab and check Enabled with copy ;D


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